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Arts, Live Festivals and Events Association is an organization working on a non-profit basis to be the guardian and the voice of the events and entertainment industry. ALIFE aims to fight for and protect the rights of event producers, promoters, performance art providers, service providers, venues and all stakeholders in the industry.


ALIFE is run by its members for its members through an elected council of representatives, specialist working groups and a full time executive. Participation in ALIFE’s committee structure enables members to influence how the association addresses the issues facing the industry and lobbies government or other bodies.



ALIFE aims to become the quarterback of the arts, live and events industry that tackles and fights for the right to celebrate and promote music and arts of all genres.


ALIFE strives to be the umbrella organization for the events industry in Malaysia. It acknowledges the passion and potential that Malaysia has in this industry and believes that this industry will flourish under the right supervision. Therefore it advocates for equal rights in celebrating different genres of music in the form of concert, raves, and parties. ALIFE unifies people with the same interest and builds a community that holds the same principals and beliefs in celebrating music. It also provides a platform for its members to exchange knowledge and expand their network.


ALIFE seeks primarily to:

  • Promote and encourage positive growth of our industries in Malaysia-arts and culture, life events and festivals.

  • Expand our learning and professional development opportunities.

  • Develop additional opportunities for fostering communication and exchange.

  • To assist in improving industry regulations, create industry best practices & code of conducts

  • To develop relevant industry statistics and information

  • To strengthen the industry with shared/pooled resources

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