The Hive: ALIFE suggests a one-stop centre for show permits

Non-profit organisation ALIFE (Arts, Live, International Festivals and Events Association) – an association representing the concert organisers in Malaysia, has proposed a one-stop centre for event organisers to get their permits in order to avoid last minute cancellations by the authorities. ALIFE president Datuk Razlan Razali, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Sepang International Circuit said at the press conference held yesterday; “Last minute event cancellations in Malaysia has happened one too many times with no factual basis, transparency, lack of understanding of the industry by current decision makers, and proper engagement with the organisers and as a result, our mem

Free Malaysia Today: New agency proposed to approve live performances

KUALA LUMPUR: The Arts, Live Festival and Events Association (ALIFE) today suggested setting up a comprehensive agency to approve live events organised in the country. The move is aimed at avoiding last-minute cancellations and thereby financial wastage. The Association’s secretary, Muhammad Iqbal Ameer, said such an agency would fall under the purview of the Central Agency for Application of Filming and Performance by Foreign Artiste, or PUSPAL. “This is to ensure that live events such as concerts will not be cancelled at the very last minute,” he told reporters after a forum held by ALIFE today. ALIFE acting president, Razlan Razali, said that event organisers are suffering huge financial

Astro Awani: ALIFE proposes solution to streamline permit approval process for concerts, live shows

KUALA LUMPUR: An association representing concert organisers and entertainment industry players today proposed a solution to streamline the current permit application and approval process for concerts and live events. The solution by the Arts, Live, International Festivals and Events Association (ALIFE) is to set up a one-stop centre comprised of relevant authorities – Arts and Culture Ministry, the police, customs department, immigration department, income tax department, local councils, tourism officials and ALIFE representative – that will each bear specific responsibilities. The proposed solution is to ensure that event organisers are actively involved in the decision-making process an

The Star: Sadly, we’re way out of tune

IF you have always dreamt of watching Madonna, Shakira or Lady Gaga performing live in Malaysia, you can dream on. According to Sepang Inter­national Circuit CEO Datuk Razlan Razali, they would not even get through the pre-approval stage in Malaysia. (Concert promoters need to seek a pre-­approval before submitting a full application to bring in a foreign artiste.) He has tried to bring them to Malaysia, says Razlan, but as soon as their names come up, religious objections are raised. This does not include the international stars, namely Beyonce, who pulled out of their agreed show due to their unwillingness to comply to the strict concert rules in Malaysia and fear of religious backlash. An

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