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ALIFE SAYS #EnoughIsEnough

Association of the Arts, Live Festivals and Events (ALIFE) calls for immediate action on the current issues facing the Malaysian events and entertainment industry

The non-profit body, ALIFE is taking a stand and voicing out support to better safeguard the Malaysian live events and entertainment industry. Shedding light on important issues and concerns faced by the industry within the past two years, ALIFE aims to bring about better treatment for Malaysian organizers and promoters alike.

ALIFE has found that for the past two years, there have been multiple threats of cancellations being made against local event promoters and live protests being conducted outside event venues prior to the shows.

False statements were also found circulating online in regards to two music events that took place on 8th and 15th December 2017 at KL Live. The organisers of these targeted events are both trusted members of ALIFE and have continued to generate credible live events in Malaysia for many years.

The organisers of the two targeted events, Mr. Iqbal Ameer of the Livescape Group and Mr. Ben Law of Future Sound Asia, adhered to the necessary guidelines and protocols set by specific governing bodies including PUSPAL, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) prior to both events and received verbal and written support from all government bodies involved. Support by these honourable institutions proves that these events have gone through a check-and-balance system of the highest quality, an important aspect in advancing the local events industry to an international level.

ALIFE and its members, which include event promoters, service providers, venue liaisons, and industry stakeholders, have continued to work together with government agencies and organisations to create successful events that feature well known artists from around the world. Even though many music events that took place in 2017 were faced with heavy protests and negative counteraction, these events have been proven to benefit our country’s overall gross domestic income whilst creating more awareness about our music industry.

Contrary to the Malaysian Islamic Party’s (PAS) recent claims that international acts are choosing to skip our country, in 2017 alone our industry has featured some of the world’s biggest and best-selling pop acts including Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeren, and two of the biggest DJs in the world, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren. Unbeknownst to many, the main reason artists are unable to perform in our country is most often due to scheduling or financial constraints.

All of these issues have collectively created negative consequences for event organisers, confused consumers, and adversely affected ticket sales. This in return has jeopardized the livelihood of local businesses and, ultimately, the state of the Malaysian live events and entertainment industry.

Due to this, ALIFE together with its members, are taking a stand today and have agreed to take necessary action to safeguard the growth of the events and entertainment industry in Malaysia. This press conference serves as the first step to putting a stop to the unjust and discriminatory treatment received by Malaysian organisers and promoters.

Furthermore, we would like to appeal to the relevant ministries, ministry officials, and councils to review, streamline, and improve the standard operating procedures (SOPs) involved when organising events in Malaysia. This is to ensure all parties involved work hand in hand for the benefit of the entertainment and events industry and the country. ALIFE believes that support for our industry and what we do is crucial to our country’s current position in the world.

We need all industries’ assistance to create a more positive industry that is free from negatively-charged third parties that are only interested in personal political mileage. The close cooperation of all stakeholders will significantly improve the chances of developing an effective business environment that will help our industry thrive in the future.

Official event hashtag: #EnoughIsEnough

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