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The Hive: ALIFE suggests a one-stop centre for show permits

Non-profit organisation ALIFE (Arts, Live, International Festivals and Events Association) – an association representing the concert organisers in Malaysia, has proposed a one-stop centre for event organisers to get their permits in order to avoid last minute cancellations by the authorities. ALIFE president Datuk Razlan Razali, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Sepang International Circuit said at the press conference held yesterday;

“Last minute event cancellations in Malaysia has happened one too many times with no factual basis, transparency, lack of understanding of the industry by current decision makers, and proper engagement with the organisers and as a result, our members have been left with a negative public image, huge financial losses, and on a bigger perspective, the perception of the Malaysia brand internationally has suffered.”

Thus, ALIFE has suggested that instead of getting permits at different places, a one-stop centre which comprises of relevant parties and authorities such as Arts and Culture Ministry, Puspal (Central Agency for Application of Filming and Performance by Foreign Artiste), the police, Customs Department, Immigration Department, income tax department, local councils, Tourism and Culture Ministry and JAKIM (Malaysian Islamic Development Department), should be set-up. The suggested solution is not proposed so that organisers can easily get approval but to avoid last minute cancellations similar to the recently cancelled “Thirst 2015: We Are All Stardust” event, which not only caused huge losses for the organisers, but also brings a bad reputation to Malaysia. With the one-stop centre, event organisers and promoters must abide by the rules and procedures set throughout their event. Also, the permit given by the one-stop centre will not be easily revoked as they would need agreement from all the parties involved. “Our point here today is this - let the industry be a part of the decision making process because we believe that Malaysians know how to differentiate and decide for themselves what content they want to consume. It is also their right to do so,” said Datuk Razlan Razali. “Malaysians today, particularly the youth are smarter and more exposed and I highly doubt that going to a concert will sway them away from their religion or their belief,” he added.

Source from The Hive.

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