SAYS: Thirst 2015 Has Been Cancelled. Here's Future Sound Asia's Official Statement

ALIFE and Thirst organisers to host press conference to address issue of event cancellations. Arts, Live International Festivals and Events Association (ALIFE) will be holding a press conference to address the concerns of major live events cancellations happening frequently. Thirst organisers, Future Sound Asia will also be present at the press conference to share their thoughts. The statement announcing the press conference reads: "ALIFE stands united alongside Future Sound Asia, the organisers of Thirst 2015, whom we strongly believe are victims of a flawed and archaic permit application system. Event cancellations in Malaysia has happened one too many times impacting Malaysia's vision a

Yahoo: After Thirst 2015 cancelled, event organisers seek review of permit system

PETALING JAYA, April 28 — Future Sound Asia, the organiser of the scrapped “Thirst 2015: We are all stardust” event is a victim of a “flawed and archaic” permit application system, said an association representing concert organisers. Arts, Live International Festivals and Events Association (ALIFE) president Datuk Razlan Razali said the association was giving Future Sound Asia its full backing. “Event cancellations in Malaysia have happened too many times and we ask that the authorities seriously and proactively engage with ALIFE to review and improve the permit application process,” he said. Razlan said the ALIFE organising committee for Thirst would be writing a proposal for the authoritie

Malaysian Digest: Where Is Malaysia Heading? - Dato' Razlan Razali

THE live performances and concerts industry was taken aback with the recent guidelines for live entertainment issued by Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim). Most feedback on the guidelines was -­‐ ‘unrealistic’, ‘damaging the industry’,‘knee‐jerk reaction’ and ‘not inclusive’. The mentioned K‐POP B1A4 incident that took place was an unfortunate incident that had impacted the organiser and regretfully the three tudung-clad Malay fans. Case closed, hence stakeholders are perturbed why there are new rulings to flip the way and manner live event are being organised? Does the buck stop there or will this creep into the way sports activities are organised. Will we be seeing

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